We are always looking for family-building opportunities to connect our youth with Foster parents looking to help shape the lives of these young children. Our hope is to increase our community of foster parents and Host Homes. There are two types of hosting; Licensed Foster Parents through your circuit's CBC who provide love and stability for those under 18 and Host Homes who desire to continuing life skill education for those that have aged out of Foster Care. For more information about becoming a licensed foster family in Florida, click the link below.



Youth that have aged out of foster care are paired up with screened and trained Host Parents and placed in suitable housing. We call this our “Host Homes”. Most of our Host Parents are retired veterans. This is a calm environment where they learn valuable life skills for when they are out on their own. The youth are encouraged to enroll in college and are helped with their studies as well as costs. The Host Parent teaches them life skills such as budgeting, paying bills, organization, cooking skills, etc. and the youth help the Host Parents with their daily activities as well as companionship. Host Parents and youth are vetted with a thorough psychological evaluation and the Host Parent does a Level 2 background check. These young adults are given the opportunity to thrive in a family environment. They develop life long relationships which lead to greater success in their adult lives. Interviews, background checks, training and ongoing support for our Host Homes are provided at no cost to you!

One of our goals is also to partner with other professional services to meet the needs of our youth as they transition through our program to independence. If you are interested in becoming a Host Home for one of our teens or young adults, please contact us for more information. 

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